Appointeeship and CPO

Hi All,

I am currently working on an empty property case where the two owners went in to care. One owner then died and we subsequently obtained appointeeship for the second. The property has been empty since 2008 when the owners went in to care.

The appointeeship team have advised me that they do not have any powers in relation to the property which is deteriorating and resulting in complaints.They are unwilling to obtain deputyship, which would give them this power, as they do not believe it to be in the owners best interest.

Other than care charges, which now exceed the value of the property, there are no land chargeable debts. The only family I have located have advised that they are unwilling to apply for deputyship as it would not be in their financial interest. I am considering CPO action, however, I am concerned about a conflict of interest. Has anyone else had a similar case?

Thanks in advance,