Bankruptcy Inhibitions

I have a property which the council is considering a CPO on but the land registry has a bankruptcy inhibitions order on the property from 1995. A former colleague had done some investigation to see if this was still live by contacting the land registry and the high court; the land registry advied that the cannot search bankruptcy records and the high court said that they do not hold records back to 1995.  Niether suggested anywhere else that we should look into.

I just need to know if this order is still current, does anyone have any ideas on where I can go with this?

Many thanks


Hi Sarah

I had a similar case and a Bankruptsy Practitioner advised that the Creditors Notice would be unlikely to be relevant due to its age.

Hope this helps, but worth getting a second opinion.  



Can you attach a copy of the Land Registry title so I can see exactly what it specifies.

It is a public document so there shuld not be any problems, you can blank out the name if concerned



Thank you Andrew.

I cannot get the image to upload . It says :

2 (27.03.1996) ) CREDITORS' NOTICE in respect of a petition in bankruptcy presented in the high court (Court Reference 11124 of 1996) protecting the rights of all creditors (Land Charge Reference Number PA 29738)

3 (23.05.1996) BANKRUPTCY INHIBITION entered under section 61 (3) of the Land Registration Act 1925, as the title of the proprietor of the land appears to be affected by the High Court (Court Reference Number 11124 of 1995) against (Land Charges Reference Number WO 12466/96. No Disposition by the proprietor of the land or transmission is to be registeres until the trustee in bankruptcy of the property of the bankrupt is registered.



Sarah , if you type in the search box of the London Gazette website the case number with the year, it will tell you who was made bankrupt, when and who the initial trustee in bankruptcy was.

The Individual Insolvency Register search function will tell you if the bankruptcy has not been discharged. (It appers to have been discharged).