Tracing empty property owners

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Jeremy - I am in the same boat here at Gedling Borough Council with several of my cases, so any information from other EHO's would be greatly appreciated. Is this something that NAFN would be able to assist with?

Kind regards

Nikki Bryant

Hi Guys

I have had a few like this. I think if you have tried to find the owner and even had tracing agents from other agencies on the case you are in a position where you have done everything reasonable to find the owner.

Therefore, I then usually gain entry into the property through warrant under s239 Housing Act 2004 / Section 240 Housing act 2004. You gain entry to ascertain whether anyof parts 1 - 4 of the Housing Act applies.

You are then a position to decide whether the property could have an EDMO or if it is better to go the CPO route depending on how much the property will cost to bring back into use.

Finally, if CT are already interested because the property already has debts perhaps they could attach the outstanding costing to the property and pursue  the outstanding debt through a enforcing sale.

I appreciate that absentee owners are a worry as they may come back but ultimatly if they have not been seen for years then it just adds to your argument that the property is abandoned.

If you want to contact me to discuss the matter further then my email is

Lauren Bellamy

Portsmouth City Council

Lauren Bellamy

Portsmouth City Council