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Grenfell Tower and empty homes - Questions for consideration: EHN contribution to the Inquiry 21Sep2017
Welsh guidance on Second Homes Premium and Empty Homes Premium guidance, best practice and case studies current 02Sep2017
LAHS (Local Authority Housing Statistics) hub-page link to webpage current 31Aug2017
Empty homes interventions - financial monitoring - Kent spreadsheet template 29Aug2017
A little knowledge about London housing is a dangerous thing - critique of recent research into buy-to-leave research findings 2017 28Aug2017
Where are the empty homes in Kensington? - blog post / research research findings 2017 27Aug2017
Buy-to-Leave - RBKC report 2015 [3.1MB PDF] 27Aug2017
Empty homes: why do some areas have high levels? - Empty Homes Agency research research findings 2016 25Aug2017
DCLG empty homes statistics (see Live Table 615) statistics current 24Aug2017
Regulators' Code (2014) guidance, best practice and case studies 2014 22Aug2017
Homes sweet homes – the rise of multiple property ownership in Britain - Resolution Foundation research 21Aug2017
Analysing low electricity consumption using DECC data - ONS Methodology paper 17Aug2017
Overseas Investors in London’s New Build Housing Market - University of York research 17Aug2017
The role of overseas investors in the London new-build residential market - LSE research 17Aug2017
Foreign Investment in UK Residential Property - Commons Briefing - CBP-7723 briefing 2017 17Aug2017
Ireland empty homes conference - EHN presentation empty homes strategy 2017 14Aug2017
Empty Dwelling Management Orders - Commons Research Briefing SN04129 briefing 2016 28Jul2017
Impact appraisal / evaluation guidance 12Jul2017
Impact of New Homes Bonus on local authority income 2014-15 03Jul2017
Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies link to webpage current 03Apr2017
Community Interest Companies (CICS) - information link to webpage current 03Apr2017
State Intervention in Vacant Residential Properties: An Evaluation of Empty Dwelling Management Orders in England research findings 2014 24Mar2017
FOI and Intellectual Property Rights - ICO Guidance 11Mar2017
Guardian Poster Poems - Ruins 2015 06Mar2017
Financialisation of housing - UN report Report 2017 01Mar2017
New Homes Bonus - final allocations 2017-18 statistics 2017 21Feb2017
CPO streamlining - timescales and delegated decisions - consultation consultation document 2017 09Feb2017
Housing White Paper 2017 - Fixing our Broken Housing Market white paper 2017 07Feb2017
Housing in England: overview - NAO data visualisations statistics 2017 31Jan2017
Housing in England: overview - NAO report briefing 2017 19Jan2017
National Fraud Intelligence Bureau web-page link to webpage current 16Jan2017
Action Fraud website home page current 16Jan2017
NHB: 2017-18 payments analysed 16Dec2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - Tables 06Dec2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - FOI request 06Dec2016
Property Guardians debate in Lords - Housing and Planning Bill 2016 02Dec2016
John Maher presentation - Nobody's Home 01Dec2016
Fife presentation - using managerial discretion around Empty Homes Premium 01Dec2016
Empty Homes Survey - ComRes, October 2016 28Nov2016
Cumbria Empty Homes Newsletter - Empty Homes Week 2016 24Nov2016