Creating a case study

Your practitioner colleagues would love to hear about your experiences.

These stories, or case studies, are probably the most powerful learninig tool we have and are an essential basis for the development of skills in professions that require the practitioner to unravel and respond to complex issues: think medicine and law.

In a Community of Practice such as the Empty Homes Network, case studies are the essential currency in the exchange of expertise between us.

We need our practitioners' help to develop our library of case studies,

Case studies:

  • can cover a range of issues and situations
  • should go beyond the routine
  • can document failures as well as successes
  • need to be sufficiently detailed for other practitioners to learn from them
  • need to be "warts-and-all"

If you'd like to contribute a case study please send it to as an email or word document to the website editor at in the first instance so it can be worked up into the necessary format.

And if you don't have time to write it up, we can do it for you provided you give us the basic facts.