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Thelma and Nick win January Post-of-the-Month awards

it'st aken a long time to filter out, but we are finally announcing the winners of our "Post-of-the-month" award for January 2012. Our two deserving winners will each be receiving a £15 Amazon voucher for their contributions.

The awards, the first of their kind in the history of the Network, were approved by the Member Services Sub-committee, chaired by Lynne Campbell of South Lakeland, and were as follows:

Latest EHN website features

The Empty Homes Network website has been revamped yet again, with some important new features.

New bookmark feature

There's lots of content on the site and it's growing all the time. The bookmarks feature lets you, er... bookmark particular pieces of content. You'lll see a checkbox on most pages. Simply click the Bookmarks button to see the bookmarks you've stored....

Email notifications get revamp

For a long time, we've been promising improvements to our email notifications system. The promised improvements have finally arrived.

We had a problem initially with the number of meails being sent out - the frequency control wasn't working. Sorry about that. The issue has been fixed now .

EHN to help with London Empty Property Officer Forum (Hounslow, 23rd February 2012)

The Empty Homes Network is pleased to have been asked to help organise the next London Empty Property Officer Forum, following the highly successful event put on by LEPOF last March.

The LEPOF meeting will be hosted by LB Hounslow on 23rd of February. There'll be two free places for each London authority. Places will also be available for authorities from outside London, for which a charge will be made.

The Empty Homes Network is handling the main admin for the event, fulfilling our commitment to support regional empty homes forums.

EHN revamps website

Our website is undergoing a major upgrade.

You won't see any major changes at first glance but there are some important differences. These have involved installing some relatively complex code. As with all changes of this nature, we can expect some glitches. If you experience any, please let us know via email or via our main telephone number 0844 736 5 736.

Just briefly, the key changes are as follows:

EHN launches discussion draft of response to Consultation on Council Tax changes

The Empty Homes Network has now published its draft response to the government's proposed changes to Council Tax discounts and exemptions for empty homes, for discussion by its members.

Members can contribute to the discussion by logging in and posting comments in our forum here.

Assuming our members are broadly in favour, we strongly encourage Councils to make their own individual responses in support of the proposals.