EHN news

EHN to help with London Empty Property Officer Forum (Hounslow, 23rd February 2012)

The Empty Homes Network is pleased to have been asked to help organise the next London Empty Property Officer Forum, following the highly successful event put on by LEPOF last March.

The LEPOF meeting will be hosted by LB Hounslow on 23rd of February. There'll be two free places for each London authority. Places will also be available for authorities from outside London, for which a charge will be made.

The Empty Homes Network is handling the main admin for the event, fulfilling our commitment to support regional empty homes forums.

EHN revamps website

Our website is undergoing a major upgrade.

You won't see any major changes at first glance but there are some important differences. These have involved installing some relatively complex code. As with all changes of this nature, we can expect some glitches. If you experience any, please let us know via email or via our main telephone number 0844 736 5 736.

Just briefly, the key changes are as follows:

EHN launches discussion draft of response to Consultation on Council Tax changes

The Empty Homes Network has now published its draft response to the government's proposed changes to Council Tax discounts and exemptions for empty homes, for discussion by its members.

Members can contribute to the discussion by logging in and posting comments in our forum here.

Assuming our members are broadly in favour, we strongly encourage Councils to make their own individual responses in support of the proposals.

EHN Conference set for May 2012

This is a long-range announcement - call it a pre-announcement if yoiu like - that EHN will be holding its next Annual Conference in May 2012. After brief discussions with the charity Empty Homes, with whom we jointly organised the very successful 2011 Home Again Conference, we've decided to revert to our own independent Conference in 2012. Future joint events with Empty Homes are also on the cards, however.

We'll expect to be offering the excellent value that our previous events have achieved, with significant discounts for EHN paying members.

EHN Executive puts forward revised Constitution

The Executive is putting forward proposals to revise the Constitution of EHN which will mean among other things that Annual General Meetings will be replaced by Regular General Meetings, scheduled to happen every two years in the current draft. The discussion on these changes will happen at a Special General meeting that is being conducted as a virtual meeting on our forums here.

Participation in the debate and voting rights are restricted to Full Members of EHN only.

Final EDMOs - register your cases here

This is an unusual news story. The "news" is your contributions about Final EDMOs.

We want a place where people that have been involved with Final EDMOs - including those that don't eventually proceed but were close to doing so - can register the fact they have been involved. The more information you contribute the better - you can help your communities and your colleagues by describing the problems you have overcome (or failed to overcome!).

EHN new Practitioner Guide reviews HCA options for supporting empty homes

In order to try and clarify the constraints on HCA's ability to fund empty homes work outside of its normal grant funding regimes the Empty Homes Network has undertaken a review of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 which established the HCA and sets out its powers and any limits thereon, or special requirements.