Advertising with the Empty Homes Network

We offer a range of advertising channels that can help you reach our audience of dedicated professionals working in the field of empty homes. Our members include environmental health, housing strategy and enabling staff at local authorities, development staff at housing associations and community housing groups, and private sector and community enterprises.

Our news stories on empty homes feature highly in google searches.

We only offer advertising opportunities to local authorities, housing associations, and specialist suppliers of products and services that are related to tackling empty homes. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that does not fit closely with the interests and needs of our Members.

Savings for our Full Members

We have now introduced discounts for our Full Members: £20 off for a single channel and £10 further off for each additional channel. 

These discounts are offered direct to Full Members if they book directly with us; otherwise they offered to the agency if the advertisements are booked via an agency.

Banner advertising is priced on the basis that a single or first month attracts a £20 discount and further months will attract a discount of £10 per month.

Options available

Job Advertising

We believe our site offers the most focused advertising available for empty homes staff. We offer three main options:

  1. an email newsletter*** to all our members containing the full text of the job advertisement and dealing exclusively with that job vacancy
  2. a news story on the website about the position; news stories are listed in the email notifications that are sent to our members normally daily*
  3. a banner advert linking to an advertising page on the website (see next section - minimum of a month).

Individual options are £175 each; or £295 for two, saving £55; or £415 for three, saving £110.

You can also combine your choice with event advertising where the deadline for submissions of job applications appears in our highly visible event listing (top of the right-hand sidebar).

In exceptional circumstances and if sufficiently separated in time we would offer a follow-up or reminder newsletter for £150.

Banner advertising

We can display a banner ad that appears on every page of our site**.

The banner slots are clickable through to a page on our site where you can describe your products, services or job opportunities at length, and from where you can of course link through to your own website.

Advertisement pages on our website are assigned relevant tags and are therefore also accessible via our tag clouds or other search mechanisms.

(Your banner advertisement can instead link directly through to your own site, but you may consider that an advertisement page on our site carries some additional weight with practitioners whilst still allowing clicks through to your own site).

Banner slots are available to no more than 5 advertisers. They rotate every five seconds so. Costs vary according to how long you wish the advert to appear and the priority assigned to the advert.

  • Priortiy 1 advertisements can run for up to a year at £950 per annum, or £175 for a month
  • "Premium" adverts can only be booked for a month at a time and receive twice the exposure of Priority 1 advertisements ie 10 seconds rather than 5.
  • Only two Premium adverts can appear at any one time
  • email admin@ehnetwork for Premium advert rates

Event advertising

You can advertise your events - a training course for example - through a special, dedicated newsletter sent directly to all our members who are subscribed to newsletters (just about everyone!). We currently have over 500 subcribers listed.

Newsletters cost £175. In exceptional circumstances and if sufficiently separated in time we would offer a follow-up or reminder newsletter for £150.

To avoid spamming our members we do only accept newsletter advertising that we are confident will be directly relevant to our members' interests.

Additionally, or alternatively, you can advertise your events through Banner advertising (see previous section).

Finally, if your event is well-enough connected to empty homes issues we can also put it in our calendar, which means it will appear in the highly visible Upcoming events block which appears near the top of the right hand sidebar on most pages of the site.

Event listings in our calendar cost £100 per month if associated with other forms of advertising and £200 per month if not. Part months are charged pro rata with a minimum charge of £75.

New event listings also appear in the email notifications to our members.

Summary of advertising rates

  • Newsletters: £175
  • Reminder newseltters (subject to eligibility criteria): £150
  • Banner advertising (Priority 1): £950 per annum
  • Banner advertising (Priority 1): £175 per month
  • Banner advertising (Premium - double exposure) (maximum of a month): contact for details.
  • Event listings: £100 per month if associated with other advertising; £175 otherwise; part months pro rata; minimum charge £75
  • News stories ("advertorial"): (subject to eligibility criteria): £175
  • Multiple channels: £295 for two; £415 for three, saving £55 or £110 respectively of standard £175 per channel rates as quoted above.
  • Contact for bespoke combinations and packages.


In addition, there are lots of promotional opportunities associated with the National Empty Homes Conferences organised by the Empty Homes Network and generally regarded as the premium such Conference in the calendar. See our separate web-page here.



* email notifications are under the control of our members; the default is a daily digest and nearly all our members choose to receive their notifications daily in this digest form.

** the display of advertisements is subject to any ad-blocking by the user's browser