Camelot guardians were tenants not licensees, says judge

This is a news report of the Bristol case where Camelot guardians have now been found to be tenants not licensees.  The report is not completely reliable, but it is what many of the public will see. 

The report summarises a blog post by Giles Peaker (see below) who has added a comment  to his blog that says "This post is now rather wonderfully misunderstood and mangled in the Bristol Post". 

Peaker argues that this does not threaten the property guardian model.

Nodoubt Camelot will change its practices to accommodate the ruling. It is also apparently appealing, though on the evidence reported it is difficult to understand why.

Other reports include an earlier one in the Bristol Post .  But the ultimate source of insight here is Giles Peaker's blog entry on the ruling.