Action on Empty Homes is getting ready for the Empty Homes Conference in September

The team at Action on Empty Homes are looking forward to meeting everyone at the Empty Homes Network national conference on 18th September. We are in the middle of three projects that we will be giving you more information about during the day:

We will have published Empty Homes England 2019 to coincide with Empty Homes Week and the conference. With all the latest data and analysis, the 2019 report will be substantially different from previous versions with a broader range of information about empty homes and more detail about what is happening in different regions.  As I write, we are finalising the report for publication. We will be sending this report to every local authority Chief Executive and Council leader in England, and every English MP in Parliament, with a press release calling on the Government to offer greater support to empty homes work across the country.

We want to carry pictures in the report and associated social media work that illustrates the good work that empty homes officers have been doing – so if you have any good before and after pictures, get them to us ASAP but certainly by the 3rd of September if you can.

Many of you have already begun helping us with our new toolkit project which runs from 2019 to 2022.  Action on Empty Homes is developing a Community Action Toolkit for local authorities, community groups and other partnerships to use as a resource to help bring empty homes into use as affordable housing for local people. We expect the Toolkit to be available for free download from our website in early 2021. We have recently asked empty homes officers to help us get a snapshot of the extent to which local authorities are currently collaborating with communities to bring empty homes into use.  Lots of you responded by the deadline – we will be letting you know the results of the survey at the conference.

We are carrying out a project on wealth investment in the London property market that is believed to lead to many high-value properties being left empty for long periods of time. It is also revealing high numbers of second homes that many believe are in fact empty homes in disguise. There will be more details from us about that project during the conference.

We are also keen to discuss with empty homes officers about how empty homes work is developing in their authority.

See you all there!

Will McMahon

Action on Empty Homes