Action on Empty Homes Newsletter 19 November 2018: New Council Taxbase data shows empty homes numbers jump

New Council Taxbase data shows empty homes numbers jump

Data released last week shows a big jump in long-term empty homes numbers across England. An overall 5% rise doubles last year's rate of increase. Notable rises include inner London, up over 14%, where recent media reports have flagged up developers holding property back from sale as Brexit jitters dent the market. Our call for Government to back local authorities with both improved powers and funding to take action was widely covered. If you want to see the extensive local coverage just Google 'empty homes' and click the News tab. Our press release is here

We want your views on what we should lobby politicians about

In his latest blog Action on Empty Homes' Director Will McMahon continues our conversation with empty homes practitioners. Will is canvassing the views of officers at the coalface on what changes to national policy will most impact on the effectiveness of their work. If you would like to read the blog and contribute to the debate please click here

News update...

920 in Brighton

Almost one thousand homes in Brighton and Hove have been lying empty for six months or more. The Argus tells us, adding, 'Action on Empty Homes has warned that empty homes reveal the "stark reality" of the country's "broken" housing market'. 
For full article including further figures click here


It is Centre Point again

Half of tower's luxury flats remain unsold. The property developer behind the conversion of central London's Centre Point office skyscraper into multimillion-pound luxury apartments has given up trying to sell the flats after receiving too many "detached from reality" lowball offers.

For full Guardian article which featured on page 3 of the paper, as well as online, click here

Meanwhile in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver says it has collected $18 million from the first year of its empty homes tax and another $12 million could still flow into its coffers. The city expects to generate a total of $130 million from the first year of the tax.
For full article including further details of the Vancouver scheme, click here

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