e-bulletin 10 highlights our upcoming May 2nd York event and Report launch, Amsterdam’s buy-to-let ban and a proposal for London

In this edition, we report on our upcoming event ‘Community Action on Empty Homes’ in York, a policy proposal to tackle empty homes in London, and news from Amsterdam about ‘buy to let’.

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Join us in York on May 2nd for our Community Action on Empty Homes event and report launch. You can find details here 

For details or to attend please contact brighid.carey@emptyhomes.com

 Action on Empty Homes in the Guardian

Our Campaign Manager, Chris Bailey, had a letter published in the Guardian in March, it starts ‘In your article on England’s 216,000 long-term empty homes (12 March) the housing minister Kit Malthouse says local authorities have powers to take action on long-term empty homes and he expects them “to make full use of these so everyone has a roof over their head”. Sadly we only have to look outside our window to see that this is not the case…’ You can read the full letter here

London Mayoral hopeful calls for more action on empty homes

Conservative mayoral hopeful Shaun Bailey has said he will crack down on London’s empty “ghost homes” if he replaces Sadiq Khan as the capital’s mayor. He pledges to give more money to councils to levy empty dwelling management orders. From April Councils will be able to charge 100 per cent extra on long term empties. However, this increase will only hit unfurnished properties. Bailey has said the same penalty should apply to furnished homes that are sitting empty. You can read the full story here

Amsterdam considers action on buy to let

The Guardian reports that Amsterdam has drawn up plans to ban the rental of new-build homes on city land, as part of a spate of policies to combat spiralling house prices, housing shortages and over-saturation of tourism. You can read the full story here

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