Helping you Bring Empty Homes Back Into Use

In our blogs on the Empty Homes Network website and in our webinars (scroll down to find your favourites) we’ve looked at some of the different ways Empty Homes practitioners looking for a hand BEHBIU* can engage with us in the private sector. We’ve posited that just as people need homes, so buildings need people (no-one’s disagreed so far). We’ve shown how straightforward it can be to short-cut delays in probate (even if that’s only identifying slow-coach executors and pushing their details your way); we’ve debunked the “computer says no” myth that GDPR hinders every move you want to make (it definitely doesn’t); and we’ve discussed professional standards in our industry and how we, as an outsource service provider and custodians of your reputation, conduct ourselves when we work on matters you refer to us (we know that everything we do reflects on you).

Over the years, we’ve worked on literally thousands of Empty Homes files showing in some cases that properties receiving CT exemption “F” aren’t eligible for it (= £££ in the Council coffers - Kerching!) and that apparently impossible stuck-in-probate-hell cases usually respond well to our attention. Where families are at war (or at least not on speaking terms with each other and / or the Council) we’re good at gently intervening and doing our best to move things along and make things happen. Like you and the rest of the country - heck, the rest of the world - we’ve adapted to Covid related constraints and pushed through, all of us in it together, each of us doing our small bit to try to make the world a better place for our having been in it.

So - how many EHs are you going to BBIU in 2022? How many are sitting in your spreadsheet under the tab marked “problem”? What would you say if those cases could be turned round and dealt with quicker than you thought? We had a great comment from an EHO the other day: “Thank you so much - you’ve done more in half an hour than my Council Tax team have done in four years”. How long are you going to leave it before asking for some outside help?

We’re always glad to have the chance to help - I hope you’ll feel welcome to email me ( or buzz me (07850 739812 anytime) for a no-obligation chat whenever you like.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from all of us at Fraser and Fraser.