Jeremy Corbyn calls for second homes levy as tens of thousands of properties sit empty in crisis-hit London

The Hackney Gazette reports:

London may be in the grip of a housing crisis, but it has more than 67,000 homes with no permanent residents, according to government figures.

Last year in the capital there were 22,481 long-term empty homes - long-term being more than six months - and 44,641 second homes.

At the same time, rough sleeping figures are at a record high and London councils have more than 56,000 families and 88,000 children living in largely unsuitable temporary accommodation.

More than 21,000 of those households are outside of their home borough and some, as revealed in the Children's Commissioner's Bleak Houses report last week, are living in shipping containers.

The full story, with data, graphics, and quotes from Action on Empty Homes, can be found here: