TV production company Ricochet Productions is looking for empty homes

TV production company Ricochet Productions is looking for empty homes for a new TV series it is developing, aimed at teaching families new skills so they can furnish and fit out a property they then go on to live in.  So the company would love to hear from empty home officers or housing organisations with access to properties that might work for the series.

The programme is being developed with a major UK broadcaster and would be presented by a well-known presenter who is passionate about affordable housing and teaching new skills within local communities. The programme is focused on furnishing and fitting out properties, rather than renovating. So Ricochet is looking for empty homes that have major renovation work completed i.e. the roof, windows, etc but are a bare shell inside that still needs to be made habitable. 

If possible, the properties should be in the same street or close to each other, to create a sense of community and collaboration between featured families. It may be the properties are part of an existing, wider regeneration scheme (along the lines of schemes in Stoke and Liverpool). Families cast would be ones that aren’t currently on the housing ladder and are local to the area, either living or working there. They would be cast on the basis that they would live in the properties for the foreseeable future (and not be doing them up to sell them).

Ricochet has a variety of programmes currently on air and in development with all the major broadcasters. Current hits include The Repair Shop for BBC One and Food Unwrapped on Channel 4 (more info about our work is here

So if know about suitable properties, Ricochet would love to hear from you: please get in touch with Jane Street on 01273 032 160 or


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