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I can't work at home for a full week, so .....

Don't know about you, but my empty home complainants seem oblivious to the fact that 'normal service' isn't an on thing right now. I reckon some of them haven't clocked that Hitler invaded Poland or that England split with Rome. 

So, I can't do business properly workign at home. I'm usless. So I redeployed. Here's a little taste of what I do now.

Redeployment with Bereavement Services. A Learning Opportunity.


In drafting a new guide to Public Health Funerals, something that can overlap with normal empty homes work, I found a website provided courtesy of Finders International that is, “intended as a guide for staff in Local Authorities and Hospitals who perform this task”. I promptly booked a place on the Finders International London PHA Funerals Conference.

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