Methodist Action North-West CGP Partnership Project

This strong regeneration partnership is documented in the attached case study prepared by Methodist Action North West.

In brief summary, the case study notes:

MANW secured the funding from the DCLG to help bring empty properties back into use through a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution. Each property refurbishment was managed by the Empty Homes team who on completion passed the property over to the APTL team to lease for an agreed period of time. APTL offers a service that is the point of contact for landlord and tenant.

Its EHCGP targeted the whole array of empty property examples. This included houses, flats, flat conversions, flats over shops and conversion of retail & commercial buildings into houses and flats. This included two properties in Conservation Areas, an underused furniture shop, a disused pub and a series of buildings which were once a funeral directors.

The programme allowed us to create a variety of accommodation to meet the local authority’s strategic housing needs – from single person flats to four bedroom family houses.

It notes the central role of Partnership, which is the principal reason for singling this project out as an Empty Homes Network Case Study:

Partnership working was crucial and enabled us to take a proactive approach to the problem, and respond in a flexible and strategic way to each property. It enabled us to build upon our existing social lettings portfolio, creating high quality, affordable accommodation - encouraging long term, sustainable tenancies. As the relationship with our Local Authority partners evolved, this allowed us to jointly develop the credibility of the programme and build up the trust of property owners, the local community and local businesses.