Lifting the Burdens Task Force review of CLG: housing and planning - Government response

This is the government's response to the Lifting the Burden task-force recommendations - including the recommendation to remove BVPI64 immediately.  As BVPI64 has now gone, this mainly of historical interest. But in its response here, the government refused to remove the indicator saying it was needed to ensure local authorities took responsibility for empty city centre flats.

(The LGA taskforce had made a big play about empty city centre apartments unfairly pushing up their empty homes figures....).

Performance and monitoring guidelines for local authorities LATEST DETAILS

The Empty Homes Network Guidelines for local authorities on nonitoring empty homes interventions documents are now in their final and approved versions, having been approved at the EHN(NAEPP) Executive Meeting of the 24th Febuary 2010. (Earlier versions are also available in the Information Library).

A slightly updated version was released in December 2010 to reflect the change of name from NAEPP to EHN.

We will be lobbying for the relevant information to be included in the annual HSSA return to give due recognition to local authority empty homes work.


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