Comprehensive Area Assessment

Political Party Positions on Empty Homes - NAEPP Briefing Paper - 2nd Edition January 2010

This is the 2nd edition of this briefing paper on party political positions on empty homes, updated at the end of January 2010.  This includes the recent LibDem announcement of manifesto policies around funding empty homes work.  It  also now includes a table comparing the offerings of the political parties with NAEPP's own proposals as contained in Creating a National Empty Homes Initiaitive.

This briefing paper will be circulated to MPs and other relevant organisations.

Strategic Approach to Housing KLOE - Descriptors and Evidence (from April 2010)

These are the detailed descriptors for the Strategic Approach to Housing KLOE

Under the new arrangements, the descriptors and evidence are only given in detail for Fair and Good levels of attainment.  The Audit Commission does not want to constrain innovation by dictating what should be considered as "Excellent"

The references to empty homes occur under KLOE 1.3 on page 8 and, more significantly, under KLOE 3.2 on page 17.

KLOE 3.2 is "There is an effective approach to improving the quality and use of existing housing and promoting sustainable neighbourhoods".

EHN Strategy Toolkit - analysing council tax data

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