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Council Taxbase 2021: Empty Homes Statistics Released Story 1 week 6 days
EHN Statistics Research 2021: Last chance for submissions Story 1 month 4 days
EHN Statistics & Resources Research 2021 launched: Survey now available Story 2 months 1 day
EHN launches nationwide review of empty homes statistics: Local Authorities and Empty Homes Officers encouraged to get involved Story 2 months 1 week
Empty Homes Figures Show Rise for Fourth Consecutive Year Story 1 year 2 weeks
Empty Homes Innovation Award 2018 Story 2 years 6 months
The Council Tax (Prescribed Classes of Dwellings) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 Library item 3 years 5 months
Council tax data and GDPR - the Minister's view Library item 3 years 6 months
ICO puts RBKC on naughty step after empty homes data breach Story 3 years 6 months
FOI request refusal - all details withheld - internal review upholding decision Library item 3 years 9 months
FOI request refusal - ICO decision (all data witheld) Library item 3 years 9 months
Council Tax – Definitions of Empty Homes and Second Homes Library item 3 years 10 months
Grenfell Tower and empty homes - Questions for consideration: EHN contribution to the Inquiry Library item 4 years 4 days
Grenfell and empty homes - EHN draft contribution to the Inquiry Story 4 years 3 weeks
New Homes Bonus - EHN Briefing Library item 4 years 3 months
Council Tax Base forms and letters - link to web-page Library item 4 years 11 months
ICO Data Sharing Guidance Library item 4 years 12 months
Destin promotes new approaches to empty homes work - Preston / Lancaster case study Around the web 5 years 4 months
Guidelines for Monitoring Empty Homes Interventions: A Standard Approach for Local Authorities (EHN Practitioner Guide) Library item 5 years 6 months
EHN Strategy Toolkit - analysing council tax data Library item 5 years 6 months
National Empty Homes Action Plan final draft Story 5 years 6 months
The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 Library item 5 years 6 months
Local Government Finance Act 1992 Schedule 2 Administration - includes council tax info Library item 5 years 6 months
Uproar as Maidenhead and Windsor releases empties details Story 5 years 8 months
FOI Decision Bexley July 2006 (original decision before the Appeal) Library item 5 years 9 months
FOI Appeal Decision Bexley May 2007 Library item 5 years 9 months
CTB statistics 2015 Around the web 6 years 1 day
Empty dwellings: the use of council-tax records in identifying and monitoring vacant private housing in England Library item 6 years 1 week
Best Local Authority / Community Housing Organisation Partnership Award 2015 Story 6 years 2 months
Filling the Empties - EHN policy position Page 6 years 5 months
Review of the Private Rented Sector: Volume 4: Bringing Private Sector empty houses into use (Scotland) Library item 6 years 7 months
From empty promise to national action plan: Creating a national empty homes initiative Library item 6 years 8 months
Empty homes: national commitment, local action Library item 6 years 8 months
HCA Empty Homes debate Library item 6 years 10 months
Provisional New Homes Bonus figures released - empties down again Story 6 years 11 months
Empty Homes Premium - map showing proportions of empties subject to EHP 2014 Library item 6 years 11 months
Council Taxbase - statistics - hub-page Library item 6 years 11 months
EDMO applicant refused costs by First Tier Tribunal CaseStudy 7 years 3 months
Determining What is Personal Data - ICO Technical Guidance Note Library item 7 years 6 months
Data sharing between different local authority departments - ICO Good Practice Note Library item 7 years 6 months