council tax exemptions

Title Type of content Time since last update Premium Content
Council tax on vacant and second homes in Scotland - overview Library item 6 months 2 weeks
Welsh guidance on Second Homes Premium and Empty Homes Premium Library item 6 months 2 weeks
Exemption Class F: Tendring Decision Library item 10 months 2 weeks
The Council Tax (Prescribed Classes of Dwellings) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 Library item 1 year 6 months
Council Tax Manual (Valuation Office Agency) Library item 1 year 11 months
Council Tax Manual (Valuation Tribunal Service) Library item 1 year 11 months
EHN publishes discussion draft of 2014-15 policy paper Story 2 years 4 months
Government issues guidance on definitions of empty homes and second homes Story 2 years 4 months
New Homes Bonus - EHN Briefing Library item 2 years 4 months
Council Tax Exemptions - consolidated legislation SI 1992/558 - EHN Practitioner Guide Library item 3 years 3 weeks
Empty Housing (England) - House of Commons Library SN03012 Library item 3 years 8 months
Filling the Empties: national commitment, local action - EHN policy position 2014-15 Library item 3 years 8 months
Charnwood looking at CPOs - and what 1 month's council tax exemption is worth Around the web 4 years 1 month
Local Government Finance (Unoccupied Properties etc.)(Scotland) Bill - post-legislative scrutiny Library item 4 years 6 months
Filling the Empties - EHN policy position Page 4 years 7 months
From empty promise to national action plan: Creating a national empty homes initiative Library item 4 years 10 months
Empty homes: national commitment, local action Library item 4 years 10 months
Council tax exemption B case clarifies the rules Story 4 years 11 months
Council Tax Exemption B - court case 2015 Library item 4 years 11 months
Written ministerial statement on empty homes - Mark Prisk, May 2013 Library item 5 years 22 hours
Old Exemption A properties ignored for NHB purposes Story 5 years 10 months
Technical reforms of council tax - EHN Consultation Response Library item 6 years 2 months
Empty Homes - Council Action to Tackle Empty Homes - LGA Guidance Library item 6 years 3 months
Technical reforms of council tax - consultation Autumn 2011 Library item 6 years 12 months
Technical Reform of Council Tax - Summary of respoonses and report Library item 7 years 3 days
Councils to get full flexibility on council tax discounts Story 7 years 1 month
Empty Homes Premium - exceptions - EHN consultation response Library item 7 years 2 months
Government to scrap Council Tax reliefs Story 7 years 7 months
Council Tax - your questions answered Story 7 years 8 months
MP Jones tries to knock Empty Homes Premium into shape Story 7 years 10 months
Valuation Tribunal Service website Library item 7 years 11 months
Council tax in Scotland - liability and discounts Library item 7 years 11 months
Valuation Tribunal Service Valuation in Practice newsletters Library item 7 years 11 months
Debate about exemption class C...democracy wins Story 7 years 11 months
Government launches first empty homes strategy Story 8 years 3 weeks
EHN launches discussion draft of response to Consultation on Council Tax changes Story 8 years 1 month
Consultation deadline - changes to council tax exemptions and discounts 29th December2011 Event 8 years 1 month
Government to tackle tax breaks for empty homes owners Story 8 years 2 months