George Osborne NO to hike in Empty Homes Premium

George Osborne seems to have given a resounding NO to London pleas for the right to hike Empty Homes Premium, as reported by the Camden New Journal who nobbled Osborne on the subject during his visit to Kilburn last week. There has been a long-running London story that was initiated by Camden Council seeking permission to double council tax on long-term empties.

Camden seeks 100% EHP and end to second home tax avoidance

The London Borough of Camden has written to Eric Pickles urging him to allow them to increase the Empty Homes Premium to 100% from the current 50%. This is in line with representations made by the Empty Homes Network during the consultation exercise and - although Camden does not mention it in its letter - the current position in Scotland where Empty Homes Premium has been set at 100% from the outset.

Camden FOI case - door finally closing on release of empty property lists

An Information Tribunal seems to have brought to a close the long-drawn out controversy around Freedom of Infomation requests for lists of empty homes. The Tribunal's conclusion, in its re-hearing of the appeal of Voyjas against the original decision by the Information Commissioner that Camden Council was justified in withholding information about empty homes that were not owned by individuals, was emphatically in favour of the Information Commissioner. and the Council The Tribunal concluded:

Camden FOI case - Upper Tribunal decision on Appeal - 2012 UKUT 190 AAC

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