Ireland (Republic of)

Ireland empty homes conference - EHN presentation

This is a PDF of an EHN presentation to an Empty Homes Conference in Ireland, held at Croke Park stadium on 9th March 2017.

It provided a thumbnail sketch of local interventions in England/Wales along with an overview of various strategic approaches to the empty homes issue, contrasting the different approaches taken in Scotland, Wales, Kent and England.

Ireland ponders empty homes strategy

The Republic of Ireland's Housing Agency has produced a report that explores the possibility of a national empty homes strategy for the Republic.  The report draws on the experience of strategies and programmes in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, including for example that of Wales, but a strategy for an independent sovereign nation would be a an exciting precedent, where Ireland could well develop an exemplar from which we could all learn.

Overview of Vacant Housing in Ireland and Potential Actions - 2016 Report

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