London Mayor calls for higher EHP on luxury empties


Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, has written to the government requesting powers to levy higher council tax on empty high-value homes. The press release does not state what level of tax should be charged but says it should be set

'at a meaningful rate that would incentivise occupation, or at the very least generate a more substantial receipt that could support investment in new affordable homes and other measures to tackle the housing crisis.'

Micro-homes in vacant London properties

Suggested as an alternative to property guardianship in one part of the article, whereas it is clearly a particular approach to meeting some of the amenity needs of the guardians, as a closer reading of the article makes clear. It is scarcely a 'micro-home' given the lack of any kitchen or bathroom facilities. 

Some mention of the performance of the materials in a fire would have been welcome.

[Full disclosure: the author's brother is a property guardian].

The role of overseas investors in the London new-build residential market - LSE research

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London Assembly Housing Committee investigates property guardianship

The inquiry started in May and is scheduled to finish in December 2017.

The thumbnail sketch on the website states:

What is Property Guardianship? Who does it benefit and how does it work?

The London Assembly Housing Committee is investigating the role of property guardianship in London’s housing market and the experiences of property guardians.


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