Rossendale: Homes and Communities Agency requests 'full review' of failed Empty Homes scheme

More grief for Rossendale as HCA seek more detail of compliance.

The Rossendale Chief Executive notes:

“As a result of a number of external factors the HCA have increased their demand from Rossendale around this project, requesting a full review of certification and all papers in this."

Meanwhile there is a 'complex fraud investigation' underway into the failure of AAWC Ltd. that was responsible for much of the original delivery.

Rossendale / Pennine Lancashire Empty Homes Programme - DCLG response to an FOI request

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Rossendale Audit and Accounts Committee meeting papers - Empty Homes Project

This page allows access to the papers of the meeting where Lancashire County Council Audit Team's report into the Rossendale Empty Homes Project was discussed: this includes the report itself as well as the minutes of the meeting and the formal response of the Council to the report.

More on the Rossendale empty homes scheme

This is a further article in the Rossendale Free Press, which usefully lists previous stories at the end. However, we will need to wait for the final report . Much of what is appearing at the moment comes from a leaked draft of an audit report and we will need to wait till the final report is leaked before we know exactly what lessons are to be learned.

But what has been exposed to date suggests that those lessons are going to be for better-paid senior management rather than front-line empty homes pracittioners.

Leaked report on the Rossendale empty homes scheme

The Lancashire Telegraph provides some details from a leaked report about the difficulties faced by the £5M+ Rossendale empty homes scheme which apparently implicates the previous Chief Executive in poor management and oversight of the project.

The story is also discussed with more bite in an anonymous column in the Rossendale Free Press.

The final report is said to be due in December 2015.

East Lancs. empty homes provider goes bust

According to a report in the Lancashire Telegraph, and confirmed by a statement on the Rossendale Borough Council website, a key provider in £5.6million empty homes programme has gone into administration. The company, AAAW Ltd., is reported to have debts of over £275,000.

It is understood that most if not all of the reported £5.6 million was funding from the Homes and Communities Agency under the empty homes programme. In addition, AAAW seems to have been involved in a wide range of leasing and letting services connected with homelessness.


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