20-years empty - another probate fiasco

Certainly in England there would be legal avenues for the local authority to deal with this property if it had required council intervention involving debts, as sessions by lawyers Ashfords at EHN conferences have explained more than once. But in England, too, few councils seem confident enough to use the available mechanisms.

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Compulsory Sales Orders (Scotland) - detailed proposals

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Ten Scots councils 'have no staff to reduce empty homes' - STV


Shaheena Din, SEHP national manager, said: "The evidence is clear - where a local authority employs an empty homes officer the results are outstanding.

"Some local authorities can bring hundreds of empty homes back into use while others hardly any.

"We urge all local authorities who currently don't employ an empty homes officer to do so."

Scotland explores Compulsory Sale Orders for abandoned land and buildings

Having led the way with Empty Homes Premium, Scotland may well be en route to develop a new device for the empty homes toolkit in the form of Compulsory Sale Orders. These would be targeted at 'vacant, derelict and empty land', but in principle this would seem to include empty dwellings.

Scottish Private Residential Tenancies - information pages

Hub-page from where you can access government information about the Private Residential Tenancy which replaces Assured Shorthold tenancies in Scotland for tenancies issued after 1st December 2017.

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