£1 homes in Stoke - Cabinet Report - December 2015

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More £1 homes on the cards in Stoke

Stoke-on-Trent Cabinet has approved a proposal for an investigation into the feasibility of a second wave of "£1 homes".

The Report to Cabinet throws some interesting light on the success of the scheme to date, the financial models involved, and the continuing issues that need to be dealt with. The investigation would be carried out by the Private Sector Housing Team, currently managed by award-winning ex-empty-homes-officer Zainul Pirmohamed.

Stoke £1 home scheme gets go-ahead

The Stoke-on-Trent proposal to sell surplus houses to low-paid working people for £1 has now been given the go-ahead by the Council's Cabinet. The proposed scheme has been widely reported as an example of innovative thinking around empty homes.

The homes were originally purchased under the previous government's Market Renewal programme but the council was unable to progress the redevelopment schemes when the incoming Coalition government cut the funding. The cost of purchasing the homes to be sold for £1 has not been made public to date.


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