Intestate Empty Homes - Curve Media: Commissioned TV Series

Curve Media have been commissioned to make a heart warming 9pm documentary series on a major UK television network. They are looking for any current abandoned/empty/derelict home cases in hopes of filming the reunification between the estates and their rightful benefactors. 

Please get in touch if you can help. 

Contact: Jack Creed 

Telephone: 07715633614


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Hi Jack,

We're well known for having worked on some of the more respected TV series in this area such as the BBC's Who Do you Think You Are? and A House Through Time. We are at the forefront of media work in this field, have an outstanding reputation for transparent and ethical practice, and have more accredited genealogists than any other UK company. We'd be well placed and delighted to help and have a number of cases which i'm sure would be suitable.

Kind regards,

Philip Turvey 

Anglia Research Services Ltd