Finders International’s Empty Homes Webinar

Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 10:30 to 11:30
Event Description: 

Finders International brings you their first Empty Homes webinar on the 17th September 2020. This month’s speaker is Loan Adviser and Communications Manager, Ellie Lister, from Lendology (previously Wessex Resolutions CIC). 

Having worked at Lendology/Wessex Resolutions for the last 8 years, Ellie is an expert lender working in close partnership with local councils to deliver real impact across the Private Sector Housing sector and the communities we serve.

We know that properties lying empty cause multiple and complex issues across the UK and impacts negatively on the availability of suitable housing. Finding solutions can be costly, time-consuming and challenging when it comes to finding owners who are unable to move forward due to a lack of finance.  Lendology have a unique approach to lending which means they work with each client and council to find solutions tailored to the project’s needs. Ellie will talk through the loan scheme with a particular focus on their empty property loan scheme and how their council partnerships work. 

Finders International want to provide relevant and helpful information for local authorities dealing with Empty properties. We specialise in tracing owners or their next of kin to empty homes and can provide this service free of charge to local authorities.

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