Is Anyone Importing Council Tax Data to Uniform?

Having just got a good process going to import a monthly extract from our Council Tax system (Capita) to M3's empty homes module (it takes the full list of current long term empties, creates new worksheets for new ones and I can run a list of ones that are no longer empty) it looks as if we may be moving to Uniform as our Environmental Health system. Is anyone already able to import Council Tax data directly or will I have to go back to creating new worksheets manually?

Any other suggestions for using Uniform for empty homes also gratefully recieved!

Thanks, Jane

Council tax - discounts, access to info etc

My experience unfortunately is not that good however our Council tax programme is run by ‘Civica’  so hopefully you will have better luck.

Basically there was no common reference number used in both systems so no way of linking the information directly to the correct addresses. Northgate did manage to import some data from an excel spread sheet into the M3 system and using a holding address I had to go into each worksheet and link them to the correct address.  This isn’t as tedious as logging each worksheet from scratch and it does import vacant dates and owners contact details.

The other issue we have is that by using a spread sheet is it doesn’t update the M3 records automatically as originally intended by Northgate. Currently our spreadsheets are only issued quarterly so it’s a huge chore to compare the old and new spread sheet for any changes. New ones get added in the normal way and then any of those that no longer appear, it’s about confirming when they became occupied again.

It’s not perfect but better than nothing, will be interested to know if your system works any better