Anyone worked on a project using students/apprentices from a college? Help please...


Has anyone worked on an empty homes project that used students or apprentices to do part of the work? A charity we are working with has an interest in doing this but the college they have contacted says it isn't doable due to health and safety and insurance issues. If anyone has got around these issues I'd be grateful if you could share how.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Kirsten,

There are various examples of organisations using volunteers/trainees/students renovating properties.

We are a charity based in Hull called Giroscope ( that brings empty properties back into use, and provides work experience placements on the house renovations.  We have Public and Employers Liability insurance cover which includes a specific mention of our work with volunteers.  We also have a health and safety policy.

I'm not entirely sure of your situation - if you want to give us a ring to discuss you project our number is 01482 576 374.  The website has some good resources regarding setting up projects, working with volunteers and has some sample template policies.