BVPI 64 - Assisting Owners Sell Property

The BVPI Guidance does not indicate how Local Authorities may contribute to getting properties reoccupied by providing the owner with options to sell.

I have worked with several owners in the Amber Valley area, facilitating sales of property to either individuals, companies or builders who then renovate and either occupy the property themselves or let privately. Basically, I have a database of those looking for property, taking note of the condition, area & price they are looking for (and any sepcifice requirements) and match this to owners who have indicated they wish to sell. All owners have been sent a general survey asking what options they wish to consider to put a property back into use. I have been amazed by the number of owners that have approached me. I suppose this 'matching service' is very much like what an estate agent would do, but I leave the owner & potential purchaser to come to the price thenselves. I also refer owners & purchasers to the Land Registry website to gain an accurate picture of what property is selling for, rather than try to maximise the price asked, only for it to be reduced in a number of month's time (many empty property owners are finding they have to do this to generate enough interest to receive offers).

I would like some clarification as to whether my intervention here can be counted - particularly as it accounts for about half of the number of PIs I was looking to claim this year.

Is this an avenue that has not been considered by members of NAEPP? If so, I am happy to discuss my successes & failures of getting this service up & running at Amber Valley


DCLG does not want the Code of Guidance to be amended for some time, so we need to work with it as it is. I think your activity could be reasonably counted under paras. 13-15, although it is not one of the examples given there.

Graham Everett