Can the COuncil Pay itself Council Tax ?

We have some properties that are Council owned and are part of a PFI scheme. Those that are empty are being left empty to make refurbishment easier. Even though they are to be refurbished there are not eligible for the exemptions as they have been empty longer than 6 months and not undergoing major structural alterations, just refurbishment.

Should these properties be excluded form Council Tax, if not how can the Council Pay itself Council Tax & if we dont pay it what will they do ?

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Properties within our district that the Council own and intend to replace with new properties are classed as exemption G (occupation prohibited). I do not know what the qualifying criteria is for such code but it may be possible to apply it on a temporary basis?
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EPO Mansfield

I'm pretty certain that properties within our housing revenue account are eligible for Council Tax after they have been empty for six months and so a payment is made from the HRA to the general fund.
Under our localised council tax support proposals the Council is looking to reduce the six months and so we are likely to see more properties become eligible for charges
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