My Authority's Council Tax section uses the CIVICA Database to store Council Tax data. We have a good working relationship with colleagues in CT and received once a month a list of long term empties. Unfortunately, the list comes in a form that is not very helpful and we need to work on it to get the information we can use.

Our Service Unit has recently acquired a new Database and we would like to Automatically Export data from CT to populate the new Database with the information on empites and update it on a regular basis.

Have any other Authorities that use CIVICA for Council Tax investigated the transfer of data from one database to another, and if so, what information could be transferred?

Kind Regards

Stuart Hamilton

Senior Housing Officer

Private Sector Housing Team

Guildford Borough Council

Council tax - discounts, access to info etc

I have used Civica whilst at an RP when it was implemented in 2012. I found it very good for customer relationship management - provided it is kept up to date. (We did receive very good training prior to implementation.)
Currently I am using a form of Civica for case management in Private Housing. My experience to date, is that it CANNOT easily produce exportable sets of data - e.g. in Excel format. Nor is it easy to import data in to, other than by inputting each case individually.
It depends on how your Civica has been set up, but overall it is not that user friendly in my humble opinion.
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Hi Stuart, I use Civica for service requests (complaints) and for case management of empty properties. In our set-up its simple to export data to other formats such as Excel or Word.I have access to report generator (SRR for service requests and MAR for Miscellaneous Activities..the area we use for our empties database). Simply run what search criteria you're looking for, click the sort tab and then go to export tab. Select the export format and create. Its a matter of minutes task. You can then sort and use the info in the selected fields as required. However I dont believe its possible for the end user to batch import in the same manner, as when we were setting up our empty property database onto the existing Civica system the suppliers wanted a premium to carry out the task so all the existing records were entered manually one at a time. Hope this helps