commuted sums

Hi all,

I'm looking for examples of anyone who has successfully used commuted sums for the purposes of empty homes work.

Any examples you can share would be great.


Kristen Miller

grants, loans, funding

we used commuted sums from a S106 agreement to enable empty properties to be brouhgt into use as affordable housing. We launched a shared equity scheme, paying up to 50% of the value of a property (with a maximum property value) to enable first time buyers to get on the housing ladder.
We promoted the empty properties available to prospective purchasers. Although it was not a condition that they purchased an empty home, around half did.
We did it again with the Council's own resources and this time, around 75% purchased an empty property.

Sue Li

Compulsory Purchase and Enforcement Officer

Derby City Council

Hi Kristen
We used communted sums for both helping subsidise RSL work ( ie in addtional to HCA grant ) and probably most creatively to pay for the pro active work. Effectively the Council outsourced the pro active EP work to us as we are a housing partnership so we had direct links to the joint commisioned RP's in the Borough.
We have a SLA, and as well as targets, we develop the tools and relationships, and its proved cost effective.
Sont hestiate to call me on 01706 750 619 if you want to discuss.
Darryl Lawrence