Contribute your suggestions for 2016 Conference

The 2016 National Empty Homes Conference is expected to take place in May in Birmingham.

We'd love it if you would contribute your ideas about topics and speakers. Simply reply to this post. You can make specfiic suggestions or general comments. If you are feeling shy, you can email

Some ideas to jog your thinking are shown below. If you have strong preferences for any of these do let us know.

  • LA partnerships with external bodies (private sector, community-led housing, housing associations)
  • Cross-boundary working
  • Justifying the EHP role in general - new ideas?
  • Enforcement issues
  • Property Guardians
  • Exemplar Empty Homes Initiatives
  • Capital funding
  • Research results
  • Making the case for your work around NHB
  • Marketing and PR (external)
  • Marketing and PR (internal ie to Members, senior officers)
Conference 2016


How about Community Protection Notices that Council Officers can serve on owners of empties with relative ease. Could help with an 'eyesore' property.


Hi Alex

If you or anyone else know a possible speaker (might be you!) please let me know by email to events@... etc.

Meantime, I'll pencil in a slot.