Deferred Payment Schemes

Hello all!

I am dealing with a long term empty property that is currently under the Deferred Payment Scheme with our Local County Council. 

Has anybody dealt with a property like this before and is it just a case of ensuring that the property remains in reasonable condition whilst it remains empty? 

Unsure on which way to tackle this one. Any thoughts and ideas would be welcomed. 

Many thanks



Hi Nikki,

In Bath and North East Somerset the Deferred payment Scheme agreements/contracts contain a condition that  says the property owner/person with lasting power of attorney or deputyship, has to ensure the property is maintained until sold. This is to protect the value of the asset that will ultimately pay for their care. If the property is not being maintained they are in breach of the DPS agreement. How local authorities enforce the agreements will differ. Have a look at the agreement they signed if you can and speak to your Client Finance Team? In my experience this is the only real option as you can't really force the sale of a property thats part of a DPS, I'd be very interested to hear any other approaches being taken? I also always write to the owner in their care home if appropriate.




Hi Debbie 

Many thanks for your response - I will contact the person with POA and ask for a copy of the agreement/contract and keep an eye on the property to ensure that it is maintained in the appropriate way.