Looking for a dissertation for my masters and I was considering 2nd homes issues. Does anyone have any other issues that would be benefical to cover or any suggestions to the approach relating to 2nd homes. Or knowledge of any other studies that have been completed perhaps by other EPO's



Hi Pam,

I'm half way through my dissertation on empty homes at the moment and the following sources came to mind. My focus is a bit different to yours but I'm sure there is something in these that might be of use:




Wales would be a good place to take a look at as second homes are a contentious issue. The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 allowed Councils to implement second home premiums if they wished. In some areas such as Gwynedd and Anglesey they have become problematic as although they provide income to local communities through tourism,  some villages have become saturated with second homes resulting in a knock on affect on house prices (affordability) and the Welsh language (as people move out of the area looking for cheaper housing). Some villages have become 'ghost towns' in the winter with local amenties either shutting completely due to the lack of year round demand or some, like shops/ resturants decide only to open for the summer season.

One thing I did notice with studying empty homes was that there wasn't a huge amount of 'academic' literature on it, so it took some searching to find exactly what I was looking for. But like I said my topic was slightly different so maybe that's why!

Hope this helps.





Thank you for your response Simon and help. Out of interest what is your focus? and what is your dissertation for? I am studying for a  Masters in Environmental Health, but as I am an EPO I am trying to keep it relevant.


Looking for some advice please on serving CPWs on empty properties. These are empties that have windows boarded, are in a state of disrepair and with gardens overgrown and the majority have rubbish accomulating in the garden.

Has anyone issued CPWs (and then a CPN) on the fabric of the property itself? and if so, have you had much success?

Thanks all.

Hello Julian

My (admittedly rudimentary - I'm v happy to be corrected) understanding of CPWs / CPNs is that they ought to be served on individuals or organisations causing the problem, rather than on the location of the nuisance.

The way the question is framed makes me wonder - are you in touch with the owner(s) of the property / ies in question? If not, would you like to be? We'd be delighted to help.

I have served CPW's on emtpty properties  with messy gardens and accumulation of rubbish with some success, all of them have reacted accordingly and rarely had to proceed to a CPN. Contact me directly, if you need any further information or samples of letters sent.



It may also be worth doing some research with Pembrokeshire Council.  I don't work there but I was born there and know that some coastal towns such as Tenby, Amroth, Saundersfoot etc. have very high numbers of 2nd homes which are used as holiday lets.  2nd homes are by no means restricted to a few coastal towns, they are spread all across the county however, their impact may diffier as tourism tends to have a longer season and often occurs all year round in coastal towns.  Also 2nd homes in the country are usuaully cheaper to rent than on the coast so people who rent these are more likely to use them only as a base rather than spending time and money in the local community.

They are mixed blessing really, the negative impact is that they drive up house prices so local people are unable to buy, but also a positive impact in the income from tourism which these days can occur all year round.  My theory is that tourists per head will spend more money in a these coastal towns week on week than the local residents do.

Terry Curnow

Liverpool City Council