Easy EDMOs

I wonder what changes the profession would recommend to make EDMOs easier.

To start off I would say:

Take out  the Housing Act 2004 Schedule 7 para 13 (3) c - "the amount of rent which in the opinion of the Authority, the dwelling might reasonable be expected to fetch on the open market at the time the management schemeis made."

Replace with:

The amount of rent, not exceeding the Local Housing Rate Allowance for a dwelling of its type..."   I can see a problem with large houses  but one to four bed dwellings would be a good start? Any suggestions?

Take out the exception, " it is used as a holiday home (whether or not it has been let as such on a commercial basis) or is otherwise occupied by the relevant proprietor or his quests on a temporary basis from time to time."

Add a requirement that the relevant proprietor  proves a property is occupied. State  the proof required to show a property is or has been occupied

Any other suggestions?