Enforced Sale - Land Registry Charges

Hi All.

I was just wondering if anyone has had any recent (Pandemic Era) experience of apply to put charges against a property through the Land Registry, and if so, the timeframes from application to approval, given that most things seem to be taking time to process at the moment given the circumstances.

Any help appreciated!

Many thanks


Enforced Sale

Hi Adam,

i am currently at resolution stage of an ESP and our legal team are about to send off the Land Registry to get the charge registered. i can keep you posted........?

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your reply, and any updates you have as and when they happen would be great!

Many thanks, and have a good week.


I do know that our Legal Services mentioned some teething troubles with Land Registry as they moved staff to home working.   They are however still processing requests because we have had some charges registered recently.  The process seems to have taken a little longer than normal but is still working.

Terry Curnow

Liverpool City Council

Hi Terry,

Thanks for this and for getting back to me.

I do know a number of the civil services have had challenges with the transition to remote working, so am hoping that were next on the list of 'catching up'.

Hope you have a good week!