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Hi I am the Empty Homes Project officer for Shelter Cymru and my role is to assist and advise Local Authorities in Wales on issues around Empty Homes. Out of the 22 authorities only 8 have a dedicated officer and some of them part time. One authority is looking to extend its work around empty homes, but needs a job description. I have asked the Welsh Authorities but was hoping some one here may also be able to assist with a copy.

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Hi All,
I haven't asked a question on here in a while and now its 2 in 2 days!  The Scottish Government announced this morning the results of their housing fund bids - we had one successful empty homes bid for South Ayrshire Council who are looking to put in place a revolving loan fund along the lines of the Kent model.  Part of the bid was for an empty homes officer to implement the scheme so I'm looking to see if anyone has any empty homes officer job descriptions that we could have a look at to pinch bits and pieces and create our own.
Any examples, however old, would be of great help.
Empty Homes Coordinator
Scottish Empty Homes Partnership