Matching Owners with Potential Buyers

We used to run a service several years ago to match empty home owners with people looking to buy empty homes and we are considering doing this again.

Do you run a service to match empty home owners with potential buyers? What approach do you take to matching them - advertise the properties on your website so anyone can contact the owner? Email investors with an approximate address and pass their details to the owner if they respond to say they are interested? Direct them only to registered providers or 3rd sector organisations?

Have you had any GDPR issues with the approach and if so how have you dealt with them?



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In Liverpool we run a Matchmaker Service however we have a light touch approach to matching owners with buyers.  We hold a database of buyers and will email details of properties for sale.  If we can generate interest in a property then we give the choice to the seller as to whether they wish their details to be shared or if they would prefer to contact buyers direct.  So far we haven’t experienced any GDPR issues however there has been a lack of interest from Empty Home owners so only a handful of properties have been advertised.  Listing properties on our website is something we may consider in the future if the service becomes more popular. 

Wirral Council have a Developer Scheme and are more involved in marketing empty homes and managing a bidding process -





We run a Property Matchmaker Scheme at Gedling Borough Council and so far it has been successful with two long term empty properties. We aim to match empty home owners with potential investors. I arrange the viewings with investors and home owners and I am the single point of contact. However should the investor wish to purchase they are advised that they must communicate directly with the home owner. We advertise the properties on our website along with our list of investors and I offer our service to every empty home owner who wishes to sell their property in the hope of having a successful sale or leasehold agreement. The hardest part (as we all know) is encouraging that empty home owner to sell their property in the first place!!

Kind regards
Nikki Bryant - Empty Homes Officer
Gedling Borough Council

Hello Nikki

Thanks that's helpful.

Any issues raised around possible crime by advertising the properties and therefore making people aware they are empty? It has been raised as something I need to speak to our Legal team about.


Elizabeth Green