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Does anyone have any text they can share with me from any reports/business cases that summarises the financal case for resourcing of data cleansing in order to increase NHB revenue?  

I know it sounds like we are a bit late to the party, but we obtained a significant amount of capital funding for empty property work from the first NHB windfall, so never really had to make the case in order to obtain funding for following years.  With this year possibly being the last for NHB in its current format, and our figures on the rise again, we are taking a report to Executive that will make the case for additional resources to keep the numbers low and increase NHB revenue.

If you have anything that quantifies the benefits in terms of amount of NHB raised for each unit of empty accomodation borught back in to use I would be interested to hear from you. Doesn't need to be a lot of text or detail, just a short summary would do nicely.

Many thanks

James Bailey

Senior Officer 

Housing Standards (City of York Council)

New Homes Bonus

Hi James

I don't really do 'short'. But in this case, I can offer a very short summary: it is highly likely that no further NHB can be earned beyond what has already been earned. (I know you have already asked about that in an earlier post and I will add a comment there pointing forwards to here.)

My short summary of this is contained in the relevant section of our Practitioner Guide on NHB in section C09 Future prospects which I have now updated to reflect the latest position. That's for Full Members so you'll need to be logged in (and be a Full Member of course.)

In the unlikely event that you wanted to try and figure out how much you might earn based on precedent, you could either start with another shortish summary, Section B01 How it works in a nutshell or look into the detail, wihich includes all sorts of issues around what kind of authority you are, the effects of the deadweight, and not forgetting the moral right of empty homes practitioners to claim first dibs on NHB (Section D03).

David Gibbens