New Homes Bonus ending this year

Morning All,

There is a rumour with our finance department that as of 2022/2023 the New Homes Bonus is ceasing and we will only be receiving legacy payments?

This year is the final year for payment of the NHB 2021/2022

I havent seen anything published about this - has anyone else got any ocncrete info/evidence?


Helen Stevens (EPO)

New Homes Bonus

As it happens I emailed yesterday afternoon to ask this very question as there has been no update since 'The Future of the New Homes Bonus: consultation' closed in April. Not had a reply yet. I asked them to confirm whether a decision had been made about it's continuation, and if it is continuing, whether the empty homes element will be retained.

Will post the response here if I get anything back from them.

City of York Council

I have just received this response from MHCLG re:

"Hi James

We are still reviewing but expect to respond to the consultation shortly.

Kind regards

NHB team"

It doesn't mean the rumours of it ending aren't true, but it's not yet the official line if it is.