Offer of payment after possession has been taken

Hello all

Can anyone advise on the situation whereby possession has been taken of a property and then the owner makes an offer of payment?

Are we obligated to accept the offer (and if so, do we just hand back possession) or are we permitted to proceed with selling the property?

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Walsh

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

Enforced Sale

Hi Elizabeth

The owner will have an equitable right of redemption of the charge in the same way as any other borrower -  such as a residential mortgage. If the owner is tendering payment of the full amount owed to the council including all interest and costs associated with the enforced sale to date, then the authority would be obliged to accept payment, release the charge and hand back possession.

Hopefully this helps but if you want any more information the n i am happy to have a chat on the phone with you.  My contact number is 0370 194 5471.