Offering no CTax discount for (standard) empty homes

[Originally posted in News Tuesday, 2017-04-18 16:24 ]

This is a query for those LAs that used to offer a CTax discount for empties and that no longer do.


18 days into the month, and I have been told that we scrapped all discounts for

"Empty/unfurnished and undergoing major repairs/uninhabitable" aka Major Works, aka Class A. Prior to April 1st we offered 50% for 12 months, then full charge.


"Empty/Unfurnished" - aka STE, or Short Term Empty. Prior to April 1st, we offered 1 month at 100% discount.

"Second Home" discount is gone too.

This will change the way I work immensely. The incentive to notify the Billing Authority of one's empty is gone. No discount means people won't notify us that their props are empty. I then have no working STE/LTE/LTEP system. In time, the Premium jobbies will dry up.

What has been the expereince of other LA's where you have ceased offering the incentive to register your basic empty home? Have owners still registered their empties? What alternative sources of info about empties have filled the gap?

Council tax - discounts, access to info etc

From 1.4.13 we charged 100% for everything. I wasn't in post at the time but anecdotally it meant people immediately tried to claim a sinlge person lived there and there was no incentive to report empties. Work then becomes reactive rather than proactive as it becomes more complaint driven. A big issues I have with this is that you quickly find out about empties in the vocal nehgbourhoods but less so in more vulnerable communities where a wider cross-section of standards are tolerated.

From 1.4.15 100% discount was then offered for the first 28 days after 'listening to council tax payers and citizens'.

Sue Li

Compulsory Purchase and Enforcement Officer

Derby City Council