Online Q & A - Andrew Lavender (Any Interest)

Dear All

Seeing that the EHN Conference has been delayed until next year

If there is sufficient interest, then I am happy to run some online sessions (free of course) on any aspect of empty homes / enforcement that would be of interest.

Possible Suggestions:

Enforcement - specific reference to a particular piece of legislation, Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Building Act 1984 Housing Act 2004, PDPA 1949, EPA 1990, CPO, Enforced Sales Procedure. Service of Notices, Works in Default, Tracing

Case studies: you could provide a difficult or interesting case. We could discuss the  options available and which would be the most tactically beneficial. I would need a potted history of the property, current land reg title and a picture of the property. 

Q & A  - just send your questions in before hand and we can talk through the issues.

It can be any area of work related to empty homes, so please do not feel hemmed in by the above.

The session will probably be about 40 - 60 mins

While I have used all manner of meeting software from Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. If people could give an indication of any preference, that would be helpful (still learning)

So if anyone is interested, then please send a reply below indicating any areas you would like covered (broad terms) and any preference from the above or alternative software.


Andrew Lavender

Housing Training and Consultancy Ltd






Case management


I would find it useful to have a session on CPO; or dealing with empty properties generally.  I have a couple of cases happy to share on case studies for guidance too.

Teams would be preference for training. 

I would be interested in joining the session please. CPO's and EDMO's would be good to hear about as I've not done any of these before and I would be good to widen my knowledge. Teams would work for me, thank you

Charlotte Birks

Empty Homes Officer, Stafford Borough Council

I would find it useful for an online course/session, either Q&A or on approaching enforced sales. I would also find it useful to hear/learn of particular approaches and steps to tackling properties where there are mental health challenges with the owner which have caused past attempts to faulter/be dropped. 

Hi Andrew, the training would be really useful, I have been dealing with an increasing number of abandoned properties and would be interested if the approach I currently take is the best option.

Preferred method for me would be Teams, I can also Zoom but only on my personal PC.

Hi, I'm relatively new to the post of empty homes officer and would like to learn more about forced sales. We have a number of properties in our area where this is the likely course of action and so any advice or case examples would be very useful to support me in this process.

I can use Teams or Zoom

Lorraine Moore

Empty Homes Officer

Fenland District Council

Hi Andrew,

I am new in post as Empty Property Officer, so I would appreciate finding out alot more about the processes used to bring empty homes back into use. I would prefer to use TEAMS if possible.

Sally Culbert, Empty Property Officer, Telford and Wrekin Council

Sally Culbert

Telford & Wrekin Council

Thanks Andrew. Myself and team would be keen to dip into whatever training is available, Topics mainly as per comments by others in Network. Particular interest in probate, tracing and similar barriers/hurdles. Best wishes, David.

David Clough (Empty Homes Team Manager - Cornwall Council)

I would be interested particularly in enforcement and probate/unregistered properties. Teams would be my preferred method. Thanks

Would look forward to this,  have an interesting case as well where the owner just upped and walked out of property years ago and never been seen since.  Still paying Council Tax and property as he left it with all belongins in.  Periodically broken into by youths and getting in a bit of a state now.  Thanks

Yes please Andrew! Any platform is fine and the subjects that have already been mentioned in the comments. 

Thank you :)

Yes please, I would be interested in any of those topics, also have new team members to introduce to our ways and means, and always welcome reminders and discussions.  Thanks Andrew for suggesting this.


Yes I definately would be interested in some online training as I have just been dropped into the Empty Property world. DDC are currently using Teams but have I also logged into previous training via google and Zoom. 


Hi Andrew, I would definitely like to take part in further enforcement training/discussion. That would be brilliant. I would like to discuss primarily CPW/CPN and Enforced Sales action. The only medium permitted on my work laptop, for the virtual meetings, is via Microsoft Teams. Thanks very much for offering the option.

P M Dilley

Hi Andrew,

I'm new into post in Wrexham Council and i know myself and a couple of colleagues would be really interested in something like this. Would love to be included if this goes ahead.


Jade Parry, Private Sector Improvement Officer, Wrexham County Borough Council

Hi Andrew,

A refresher on any enforcement would be great, but particially enforced sale as that is the route we are wanting to start progressing more.  Happy to provide a case study for one we are arranging to complete WID under S215 and hoping to progress to enforced sale.

Also Teams would be best.




Hi Andrew, i would be interested. Having a few issues with banks and getting outstanding mortgage figures but happy with any update. thanks

Hi Andrew

I would like to join in.  I have a couple of long term empties now where vulnerable owners can't sell because they are in a Trust.   The owners don't wish to rent and selling them would be the best option.  I have suggested they take legal advice. I could do with some help on sorting these out.


Hi, Andrew.

Thanks very much for the offer of free training. I would be interested in attending and my preference would be to use Microsoft Teams as a vehicle for hosting the session.

My interest would be to understand how to deal with problematic empty properties currently in probate, how to procure the services of Probate Researchers or if there are any other routes to follow to identify the responsible owners. Also, how to deal with problematic empty properties where the property is owned by an estranged couple where one is willing to talk to the LA but the other party remains uninterested in contributing towards improving or bringing the property back into use. Finally, as others have said, a general overview for dealing with problematic empty porperties and the routes availabel to LA Empty Homes Officers. 

Many thanks,


Hi Andrew,

I'd be very interested in some on line training, any platform. In particular how to deal with cases where probate has not been applied for, can enforced sale procedures be used? Helen

Helen M Rhodes

hi Andrew

I would be interested in a session on CPO and PDPA and have a couple of cases to offer. I can use both Team and zoom

Pam Cunningham


Hi Andrew

Yes it would also be useful to get a better understanding of the CPo process and also develop an understanding of the various sources availble for researching a properties  background..

Teams is best for me..

Thanks Liz

In Northumberland we'd be interested in anything that is delivered. Training around probate, unregistered titles, bankruptcy and forced sales would be particularly beneficial.

We are in the minority at the moment in that we are currently using a Google package of software, but should be able to access any of the mainstream software with a little advanced notice.


Hi Andrew

I have a new starter so I would be interested in the Enforcement - specific reference to a particular piece of legislation, Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Building Act 1984 Housing Act 2004, PDPA 1949, EPA 1990, CPO, Enforced Sales Procedure. Service of Notices, Works in Default, Tracing etc. 

More as a general over-view of them to get them started in the right direction. 

We can use Zoom or Google Meet/Hangouts.

Tom Davies

Thanet District Council

Hi Andrew I would be really interested in online enforcement training.

Especially CPO, PDPA.  

I have a couple of questions on some cases im working on.

Thanks Fay

Hi Andrew,

Yes, I'd also definitely be interested in some refresher training.

In paticular CPO, CPN and PDPA. Also going over procedures and best practice for Enforced Sales, Service of Notices, Works in Default,etc.

As my colleage Pam says, we have a couple of current cases we can share.

Can do Skype, Teams (or Zoom on personal PC)

Patrick Gordon (Brighton & Hove City Council)

Sounds like a great idea, any of the above software options work for this type of thing. I am easy on topics to be honest.

Hi Andrew, yes, I am interested! Enforcement areas would be particularly useful.

I would be interested in this session and would find any information you have around abandoned/dlapitated properties where the owner is elderly and not have capacity. i have a few cases that have now been with the adult socil working team who are putting together reports etc to get an appointee to look after the persons finances and interests. however in the interim everything is on hold (this is nearly 3 years now) I have served and IN and PDPA and a F&V carried out WID for the PDPA and F&V and have a charge on the property. Started the ESP and had to stop due to lack of capacity - im now in limbo and would appreciate any help or advice or legislation i can use to continue the ESP.

Teams is best for me.


thanks Helen Stevens

I am new to private sector housing and empty properties, started during lockdown. So any training at the moment would be useful. Thanks.

I am new to my position and dealing with empty homes so would be keen to learn more.

Either Teams or Zoom is fine for me.

Rebecca Pugh

Housing Enabling Assistant

Mid Sussex District Council