Outsourcing of enforced sale



I recall a few years ago becoming aware of an EHO that was offering thier services  to take enforced sales through the courts for local authorities -but the name is escaping me,  does anyone know who does this? 


Eleanor Foster


Enforced Sale


As you now I am working with the Welsh Government providing training to all the Welsh LAs on enforcment to help with their Regeneration agenda etc. I am expecting to be deliering training to Cardiff, next month. As part of that role I  am a floating resource helping LAs undertake enforcement action in relation to some of their difficult cases.

I will as part of this agenda work with Cardiff and any other LAs in Wales to pursue Enforced Sales in appropriate cases. 

It is probably better to buld up the skills within the LAs rather than outsource the service. But in essence I will help you through the process.

If you want to talk through any cases, give me a ring on 07867987550


Andrew Lavender