Query about mental health and Long Term Empty

We have had an enquiry regarding taking ownership of a derelict and unsafe house and the mental health if the owner:

"I know of the owner of the property, but unfortunately believe they have been detained under the Mental Health Act for serious mental health issues. The house is a ruin, with mainly only the facade left standing and it's been in this state for 2-3 years. I am aware of the neighbours complaining to the council with regards to the health & safety issues, however, nothing seems to have been done about it.

I am interested in the property for use as a private home but fear that due to the owner being detained under the MHA that there will be little that I can do to seek ownership of the property, despite its state. Could you possibly point me in the correct direction, if there is any way around this? Does the council have the power to repossess the property from the owner? "

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Does this person have a social worker or family member willing to become a deputy? I have an owner also detained under the MHA and she has a social worker that I am in contact with.



Sue Li

Compulsory Purchase and Enforcement Officer

Derby City Council

Hi yes, this person will likely have a social worker - you can just call up your local team and ask.  They may also be being looked after by your Deputy and Estates Team if you have one - unless a family member is taking responsibility to be a deputy.  Sorting the empty house out in these circumstances is possible but will likely take ages - a Deputy will need to be in place for sure and the Court of Protection would have to approve a sale.

You can also apply to search to see if someone has had a Deputy appointed for them


Hope this helps


Empty Homes Doctor