QUESTIONNAIRE- Empty Homes in the North West


I'm a student at Norhumbria Unversity and I'm currently undertake research on empty homes exploring how Councils in the North West use their empty homes stratagies in practice, as well as examining some of the local issues around why properties become vacant and the experience of officers in undertaking their empty homes work.

It would be great help if any Council officers in the North West could spare 10 minutes or so to fill in a short questionnaire. It can be found via the following link:

The survey will be open until 6:30pm on Friday 4th December 2020.


All answers will be anonymised in the report, but you will be asked for the name of the Council you work for just so I can keep track of who has responded.


More details about the research are can be found on this information sheet:


Thank you
Simon Williams 

Northumbria University Department of Architecture and Built Environment 

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